Tuesday, July 18, 2006

What's happening around us right now?

Well, it depends upon what one chooses to see, and to whom one listens and what one reads, or can read. Here are some of the "top" stories from news websites I happened upon - around 2140h here in the UK. It's not done very scientifically - with any rigorous definition of "top" headline, nor is there any accounting for the fact that websites are updated all the time etc. However, it should still be an interesting review of what those who read English content on the Internet have available to them (no account has been taken of the fact that many sites allow one to customize content). They make interesting reading - do keep in mind that not everyone around the world has access to the Internet, and most people do not read English. Still, see if you find an interesting link here - go someplace you've never been before. This list contains sources from the UK, Ireland, Australia, USA, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Bangladesh, Mongolia, New Zealand, Canada, Iran, UAE (I think) and Russia.

1. cnn.com
U.N.: 14,000 Iraqis killed in 2006
Death toll jumps in Java tsunami, quake
3 charged with murder in Katrina hospital deaths

2. bbc.co.uk
Israel claims Iran link to crisis
Java tsunami death toll increases
'U-turn' claim over house packs

3. foxnews.com
U.S. Military Moves to Protect Americans
Rocket Barrage Slams Israel
Olmert: Could Last Weeks

4. news.google.com
IAF again drops leaflets on Lebanon
Sector Snap: Stem-Cell Biotechs Near Lows
Nortel, Microsoft Forge Comm Alliance

5. msnbc.msn.com
Beirut Evacuation
After five years, Bush to speak before NAACP
Gay marriage ban amendment fails in House

6. news.yahoo.com
Israelis say offensive could last weeks
Violence in Iraq spinning out of control
Death toll in Indonesian tsunami hits 341

7. abcnews.go.com
A New Member of the Axis of Evil?
House Rejects Gay Marriage Ban Amendment
Iran's Hezbollah Threatens Israel, U.S. Attacks

8. news.com.au
'We kill those we need to kill'
Survivor search continues
PM risks Bush nuke challenge

9. cbsnews.com
U.S. Steps Up Evacuation From Lebanon
Doc, Nurses Arrested In Katrina Deaths
Bush Finally Says 'Yes' To NAACP

10. cbc.ca/news
Military operation could take weeks: Israel
Child killer Clifford Olson denied parole
Some passport exemptions likely: U.S. Homeland Security boss

11. washingtonpost.com
Toll Climbs in Mideast As Fighting Rages On
Gonzales: Bush Blocked Probe
Blast Kills Shiite Day Laborers

12. theglobeandmail.com
Sit tight one more day, stranded Canadians told
No quick end to offensive, Israeli officials say
Parole Board rejects serial killer Olson's appeal

13. hindustantimes.com
Peace moves with Pak hit after blasts: Manmohan
'IGNOU casts aspersions on Gods'
Iran issue: PM against 'coercive diplomacy'

14. deccan.com
Kalam pitches for more farmer loans
Profit Bill decision in 2 days, says PM
Boucher confirms sequence change

15. indianexpress.com
Final seal on N-deal by year-end: US
Mumbai echo in Moscow: G-8 warns terror sponsors
Naxals massacre 26 in Chhattisgarh, many are missing

16. english.aljazeera.net/HomePage
Lebanon toll passes 230
Tsunami death toll tops 340
Violence ahead of DR Congo poll

17. gulfnews.com/home/index.html
Lebanon on brink of disaster
Dubai to get first double decker road to increase traffic in new areas
Tsunami toll passes 350 mark, over 200 others missing

18. jpost.com
125 rockets fired on northern Israel on Tuesday
IDF drops flyers over south Lebanon mocking Nasrallah
Katyushas kill one in Nahariya

19. nzherald.co.nz
Two arrested after teenager shot dead
You lie in bed thinking, how did she die? Why did it happen?'
Sightings of murdered teacher's car crucial

20. mg.co.za
Olmert: Israeli offensive will continue
SA 'not doing enough about Aids'
DA slams Nqakula's absence in current violent climate

21. tehrantimes.com
Israel’s dream to dominate Lebanon will never come true: Leader
Bush escalates the hate
UN involvement will block nuclear talks: Iran

22. graphicghana.com
Justice Annan Passes Away
Bank Fraud, Five arrested, One On The Run
US Experts To Monitor Millennium Account Projects

23. ubpost.mongolnews.mn
Rallying for Mongolia
The complete Naadam menu
Treasure trove

24. sundayobserver.lk
SLMM waits, LTTE won't release cop - 'Despicable' says Kohona
Govt. will honour truce - Keheliya
No TV today, courtesy foreign film suppliers?

25. dawn.com
No evidence of Pakistan’s hand in blasts: US
Talks delay negative development: Riaz
Export target $18.6bn, trade deficit $9.4bn: Trade Policy 2006-07

26. thedailystar.net
More taken out than pumped in thru FDI
Counting from desk continues too to justify expenditure
SC Bar mulls going to president, CJ to raise its objection

27. timesonline.co.uk/global
Lebanon evacuations mount
Katrina hospital murder charges
Suicide bomber kills 53 near shrine

28. ireland.com
Israeli PM blames Tehran over criss in Lebanon
Lebanon Air strikes kill 42 as rockets rain down on Israel
Summer heat set to peak at 30-plus degrees, says Met office

29. herald.co.zw
Cancel copper licences: Police
Inquiry into Chideya’s conduct postponed
70 GMB workers walk free

30. english.pravda.ru
Israel uses Russia's experience in its operation against Lebanon
Group of Eight declines without Russia
Pamela Anderson appears to be a soccer mom at heart

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