Thursday, August 27, 2009

We lecherous ones

An article in The Economist, published on 20 August 2009, titled "Snap it, click it, use it" ( had the following implicit judgement:

> Lecherous readers who photographed it
> were rewarded with additional pictures

This seems to suggest that readers who were not lecherous, but photographed anyway, were not rewarded with additional pictures.

The author seems not to be at peace with his or her morality, or at least, that aspect of it which makes him or her judge readers who take photographs of models in swimsuits to be lecherous, quite irrespective of whether such readers are interested perhaps in fashion, or do not come from a prudish background where the human form is considered repulsive, especially as the author then speaks of the readers being "rewarded", implying that receiving (additional) pictures is a good thing.

This is 2009. Can we please stop calling people lecherous? What next? Heathen? For those pagans who do not believe in Our Lord who died on the Cross for our Sins?

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