Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Journalism and instant soup

The Economist carried an article titled "Islam-baiting in America" (http://www.economist.com/blogs/lexington/2010/10/jihad_and_soup)

> There is now a ludicrous and hateful campaign to boycott
> Campbell's for having the temerity to issue a halal line of soups.

> As for the tea-party movement, with its supposed veneration
> for the values entrenched in the constitution........

The cheap-appeal-to-patriotism "values entrenched in the constitution" argument is absurd - the campaigners are boycotting, and not burning cars or killing people (which response is not entirely unknown in certain parts of the world.......). Entirely constitutional, and in the best traditions of free speech. This writer needs to get over labelling as ludicrous, hateful, infantile and shaming opinions that differ from his or her own. Or should we all have one single Economist-approved opinion, one political stance, one can of Campbell's a day?

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