Thursday, March 29, 2007

Appalling pieces of editing - Doordarshan

I'm shocked at the appalling lack of professionalism I'm dismayed to witness in what might be regarded as India's flagship media outlet. The letter I wrote to them follows:

Your recent article "Millions of Indians praying for our victory: Bermuda captain" published on Sunday 25 March 2007 contained a large number of faults - grammatical errors and misspelt words.

> In a highly improbable scenario in case Bermuda wins againsd Bangladesh then India has a chance
> to make it to the super eights and this very thought that hopes of a mighty country of one billion
> people rest on one of the smallest nation in the world makes Romaine happy.

Complete lack of punctuation here. Choose perhaps "In the highly improbable scenario that Bermuda wins...." or "In a highly improbable scenario - the case that Bermuda wins......"

Against, not againsd.

> ''Millions of Indian supporters will be backing us, it's good to have this Additional support,'' he told
> newspersons at Queen's park Oval after team's work out.

Why is the first letter of 'additional' capitalized?

The article before "team's work out" is missing.

> We've suffered two big losses, but we're looking to finish with a win tomorrow,'' he said with a chuckle.

The reported speech here should end with a period, not a comma.

> Romaine was thrilled that ''Bermuda fans appreciate what we've achieved by qualifying for
> the World Cup, and was confident that things will improve for Bermuda cricket after this exposure.

Incorrect switch from reported to direct speech. This is unforgiveable, at least on a professional's part. Or do you employ bored schoolchildren?

> ''The lack of good pitches back home has meant that we've played all our games away durinf the
> past year. As amatdurs, we're `lways relaxed in our approach.

During, not durinf.
Amateurs, not amatdurs.
Always, not 'lways.

> 'It's an important game for us as we low have a chance of advancing to the Super 8s.

Now, not low.

Also, the terminating double-quote is misplaced.

> So expect our nerves will be okay going for this tie.

Missing terminating double-quote.

> MaKilg the Super 8s will be a very significant moment for Bangladesh cricket,

Making, not MaKlig.

> Cricket's a big game back home. people back home are waiting for us to enter the Super 8s.It
> will make them happy,''Bashar said.

When starting a new sentence, the first letter of the first word ought to be in upper case. Hence "People", not "people".

A space is required between the period and the start of a new sentence. Hence "Super 8s. It will", not "Super 8s.It will".

A space is also required between a terminating double quote and the next word.
Hence *happy," Bashar said* and not *happy,"Bashar said*.

The reported speech here should end with a period, not a comma.

All this is bad enough - I've noticed shoddy editing of this sort on a fairly consistent basis. I wish I could offer some words of encouragement alongwith what I hope is castigation sufficient to cause you to take your editorial team to task. Perhaps even ask them to consider another line of work - as professional snake charmers, or assistant window cleaners; they seem to be entirely at sea with their current calling.

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