Thursday, March 29, 2007

DD strikes again

I write once again to point out the poor presentation of a news article on the Doordarshan website. The URL is

1. "Concerned about their security amid rising suicide attacks, the Chiefs of Pakistan's Air Force and Navy have asked the government to provide bullet vehicles to them. "

Here, one presumes the author means "bullet proof vehicles" and not "bullet vehicles".

2. "Presently, the air chief has a Mercedes car at his disposal but it is not bullet proof."

Incorrect punctuation, "the air chief" should be "the Air Chief".

3. "....on Vice Chief of Army Staff (VCOAS) Lt-Gen Ahsan Salim Hayat, who was then Corps Commander Karanchi."

I'm not sure what Karanchi is, but it doesn't sound like the name of a Corps, like XII Corps etc.. Is it the location of the Corps HQ? The officer in question did command V Corps, which is based in Karachi. I can only presume that this is a typograhical error, and also one of nomenclature.

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