Thursday, March 29, 2007

And Doordarshan yet again

Writing to them about errors in their articles doesn't seem to stop them from producing shoddy pieces on a consistent basis; my letter to them:

Your recent article "BJP launches UP campaign"
contains some fairly evident grammatical errors.

> Talking to reporters in Lucknow after addressing a workers' meet,
> Arun Jeitley former Union minister and BJP general secretary
> said Kalyan Singh would be party's Chief Ministerial candidate
> for upcoming Uttar Pradesh assembly polls.

There's a comma missing after 'Jeitley' and before 'said'.

There's an article missing before "party's Chief Ministerial candidate",
and another before "upcoming Uttar Pradesh assembly polls.".

> It is probably the first election when the entire BJP top
> brass is pitched in for simultaneous poll campaign launch
> covering almost the whole state.

There's an article missing before "simultaneous poll campaign launch".

> In Varanasi Former national BJP president M Venkaiah Naidu
> said the party manifesto for the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections
> will be released after the festival of Ram Navami.

Why is the first alphabet of "former" in uppercase?

There is a missing comma after "Varanasi".

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